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5 Reasons Why the Ocean is Important

The ocean is what makes our planet fit for all life. Here are seven reasons why the ocean is important, and we need to save it.

1. The ocean is the planet's thermostat

-It produces 70% of the oxygen on the planet;

-It reduces carbon dioxide in the atmosphere;

-It transports cold water from the poles to the tropics and warm water from the equator to the poles;

-It regulates rain and droughts.

2. The ocean is a home for many creatures

Dolphins, whales, turtles - that is just what we see on the surface, but it is home to the huge abundance of life on our planet - there is more life below the ocean's surface than on land!

3. The ocean has therapeutic properties

Did you know that popular anti-viral drugs were obtained from Caribbean sponges? Or that the first drug to fight cancer was developed from small soft-bodied marine animals?

4. Drinking water for dry countries

In some parts of the world, fresh water isn't available, and they rely only on desalination - the process of removing salt from saltwater, for drinking water. The oceans make this possible. Water is so important in every person's life that these countries need to do what's necessary to survive;

5. The best holidays

The ocean is a happy-zone for us ocean lovers! Our life, our exhilaration place. The ocean is part of our humanity. It brings us fun with friends and family or just a relaxing day on the sand. For sailors, fishermen, and islanders, it also is a transport zone. It connects us with nature and each other.

5 Reasons Why the Ocean is Important


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