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5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Swimwear Online

It's hard to find swimwear that fits your unique body, and LOVEOCEAN totally understands you and does everything for your satisfaction with our gorgeous bikini!

We created our own instruction to prevent swimwear disappointing on your next online shopping and show you that shopping online has many advantages if you do it right.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Swimwear Online.

1. Know what you're looking for.

You can't know how swimwear looks until you try it on. If some design catches your eye, you should try it to find out. So just order it!

2. Match up your size with each brand's sizing chart.

Most online shops feature a sizing guide that tells you what size you need to buy according to your measurements. If you make a purchase while ignoring this sizing chart, then you only have yourself to blame when the item doesn't fit.

We have an exact sizing chart and, also, the measurements of our models. We understand that the process can be tricky, so for any questions, please reach out to for guidance. We will be happy to help!

3. Check each site's return policy.

Don't make a purchase online until you know what will happen if you're not happy with it. We offer free shipping & returns for all orders.

4. See how it looks.

When you receive your favorite swimwear - try it on in a good light when you're in a good mood in the privacy of your own home. See how you feel, see how you look. Make sure it stays in place by doing a little dance. If you think that you can't wait to show it off - keep it!

5. Shopping online has many advantages.

You avoid hideous and unflattering dressing room lighting, an overwhelming sales floor, salespeople, and the pressure to decide right then which swimwear to take home. Just take a seat in a comfortable spot, pour yourself a glass of wine, and shop online instead.


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